Why Creatio ?

Creatio (formerly BPM online) is a leading low-code suite for automated workflows and CRM. Creatio simplifies marketing, sales, and services for effortlessly performing critical business functionalities. Creatio is a leading no-code platform that unifies a BPM engine and CRM functionalities to easily perform operational tasks. Creation provides ready to go CRMs to suit industry needs and they are Marketing Creatio, Sales Creatio, Service Creatio and Studio Creatio.

Creatio Features

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    System Designer

    UI can be customized according to the needs of the customers. Data views and business logic can be changed through wizards and designers without the knowledge of programming.

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    Business Process Management

    Creatio offers a complete set of tools to manage business processes effectively. It will help you automate your processes. It also offers drag and drops case designer and reference processes for modifying or creating new ones to automate internal processes.

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    Sales Forecasting

    With the use of smart filters, sales indicators can be compared across periods. Sales Creatio helps you keep track of sales representatives’ efficiency and performance and helps reach the sales goals..

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    Lead Management

    Creatio helps you to identify lead generation channels and sources. Easily track lead sources, and their activities and this information can help with the marketing campaigns and classify better quality leads.

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    Productivity Tools

    Plan your work and meeting with the help of a calendar in Marketing Creatio. Manage your emails in one place, and make and receive calls from the system with the integration of PBX. Creatio users can communicate via IP telephony, utterly free of cost. Apart from these tools, there are a lot of other tools for increasing productivity.

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    Customer Segmentation

    Communication can be enhanced by grouping customers according to their needs. Applying filters will help get the data of all the customers that have been inactive over some time.

How can we help you ?

  • Strategic planning and consultancy services

    : planning strategically according to your business needs.

  • Building Apps

    We help our clients by creating rapid and custom apps as per their business requirements.

  • Fast Delivery

    We ensure to deliver the product as quickly as possible. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

  • Support and Maintenance

    Our team is not just building custom apps but is also involved in support and maintenance post-deployment.

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